Odete Abreu Beirão da Cruz e Silva

Odete Abreu Beirão da Cruz e Silva has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and a PhD in Biochemistry with a project developed at the ‘Medical Research Council’ unit at the University of Dundee, Scotland. She obtained equivalence to the degree of doctor in Biology with specialisation in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Coimbra. At the University of Aveiro, coordinated the Cell Biology Center, was Course Director of the undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, the Master’s degree in Molecular Biomedicine and the Doutoral degree in Biomedicine, having been a founder of all these degrees. Currently she is director of the Medical Sciences Department at the same institution. Internationally, she was ‘external partner’ in the neuroscience program of the ‘Center for Disease Control’ (USA), evaluated several European projects and the ‘American Alzheimer’s Association’, was editor in international scientific journals and an invited scientist at the University of Goettingen. Her scientific career owes much to the enthusiasm and motivation of her husband Edgar Figueiredo da Cruz e Silva who passed away on March 2, 2010.

Odete was born in Samora Correia, a place chosen by the family to spend much of their leisure and family time. This is the location of the fbcs headquarters. Edgar had, on several occasions, declared his intention to try to implement what became the mission of fbcs. It is with great dedication and intent in trying to fulfil Edgar’s vision for the region that the first activities of the fbcs begin.

Cristóvão Beirão da Cruz e Silva

Cristóvão Beirão da Cruz e Silva was born in Dundee, Scotland on August 24, 1988. His experience with science has always been intense and he grew up surrounded by scientific and technological issues and challenges that will inevitably shape the future. Your father, Edgar Figueiredo da Cruz e Silva, was always an example to follow. The enthusiasm with which he lived the most innovative events was contagious, as a father he was always available and was undoubtedly the person who most shaped the future of Christopher. Cristóvão is currently attending the second year of his PhD in Physics at Universidade Lisboa at Instituto Superior Técnico, having completed his Master’s in Physics and Technological Engineering at the same institution in 2011.
Samora Correia is for Cristóvão the family base, and contrasts sharply with the chaotic life of Lisbon. Cristóvão, like his father, believes in the potential of young people. He also believes that “the most important thing is to provide them with the various opportunities”. It is in this spirit that Cristóvão joins the founders, dedicated to creating opportunities to expand the horizons of knowledge, to better face a world that is increasing in its scientific and technological complexity.

David Beirão da Cruz e Silva

Born on April 26, 1992, in New York, Manhattan, in the United States of America, David Beirão da Cruz e Silva is the youngest son of Odete and Edgar Cruz e Silva. He has a wide range of interests, highlighting the interest in art (especially music), sports and, in a more academic context, management. He is currently enrolled in the Integrated Master course in Engineering and Industrial Management at the University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico. Samora Correia, for David, has always been the place where he was with his family and rested from the bustle of Lisbon, where he studied since he was 5 years old. David has always had a very close relationship with his father, being an example. Example of hard work, transparency, honesty and initiative. It was because of his father that David says he was able to achieve his results. It is in this sense that David wants to convey this example to the young people of Samora. Keeping in mind your father’s mentality – “Young people are the future.” – David now tries to convey this example to others.