Projects RICH are Regional projects informing and promoting the local culture and history. They are designed as specific activities to meet a well defined objective of relevance to the local communities.



The Healthy School Project is organized by the Department of ‘Saúde Pública, Reprodutiva e SIDA (DSPRS) da Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa (AEFML)’.

“Healthy School” is a project that aims to promote healthy eating and hygienic habits among schoolchildren.

Considering the growing importance of a good diet as a way of preventing some of the most serious pathologies of developed societies, namely childhood obesity and diabetes, and taking into account that oral and body hygiene measures should be encouraged among the youngest, this project comes in the sense of complementing the training of students in these areas.

This activity took place in 2013 and reached all classes from 1st to 3rd year in the primary schools of Samora Correia and Porto Alto.



A play ‘The Little Turtle’s Christmas’, on the occasion of the ceremony of attributing the Merit Scholarship 2011, Palácio do Infantado de Samora Correia 17 December 2011.